Here you grow before us

life of our life

as God reflects us

in your innocence and passion.


This an awesome task

to stand in for God-

and teach you right from wrong

to show you Jesus love.


Who of us has not

from time long past  

taken this short journey,

leaving us good or bad

...Only once a child


What will make the difference

in your little life

so you will stand-

strong against the tide of evil,

defending truth?


Is it your mother's song, a cuddled nap

a bible story or a walk in Spring?

perhaps a whisper

of God's name,

or daddy's prayer.


Tonight, like many nights before,

we'll whisper your name

and ask the Eternal One-

to live in you

to make you just like Him.


Each day we'll watch you change

shining eyes so trusting,

unaware of danger

and we'll shape tomorrow.


God please hear our cry

and give us all it takes

to help him see your face.

           ***For Dustin's dedication at birth