Through the mind of eternity

          you have come...

To make your home with us.


Like an exquisite snowflake

          that twists and turns

          and lights upon the windowsill...

you are here.


I touch and hold and taste

and marvel

          at the reality of you.


I've seen you gaze intently

at my face

          and talked with you-

          exchanged smiles. 


I know you

          like I only could

In these short months.


Who are we

that our trust should be

          to set the sails

                    of a new life

          to steer it clear

for that celestial harbor.


Here you lie

          peacefully sleeping

We watch on tiptoes

from beyond your sleeping dreams

                     your even breath

                     your priceless life.


Like frost

          that twists and turns

          and forges cold patterns

          on the window...

The dark presses destruction.


But here you are safe

in the whisper

of our prayer.



          Mighty Warriors stand

                    by your cries

                    and trusting smiles...

Sent from the mind of Eternity.

          ***For Brandon's dedication at birth