Dustin's Poetry



Two Poems by Dustin

Of rivers gold

Of treasures old

Beyond the Misty Mountains bold

An ancient city there to stay

A realm of light that ever may

Beyond the darkness forever fold

Within itís wings a land so old


Away from sorrow, death and pain

The journey over, evil slain

The veil lifts

The white ships come

The silver wind alone does hum

The journey ends, at last we stand

Beyond the earth on diamond sand





A quiet footfall

Two gleaming eyes

A lonely call

Echoes through the skies


The old have lingered

Pale, withered

Beyond the reach of joy long hithered


An old story

Sad and lonely

Filled with dreams

Now phantoms mostly


A birthday gift

For us, my precious

It pains to hold, it freezes cold


The weight of it ever gnawing

The power great

A shadow clawing


We must endure

Though others fall

To keep it from His deathly call