My Boys

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Every man is a warrior inside.  But the choice to fight is his own.



I love your tender warrior hearts.  You definitely have  what it takes. 

An Open Letter


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"To Live For" Video Montage  1/12/08



With You

My pack is light

            Even when it is heavy

If it is carried with you


My tent is large

            Even though it is small

If it is shared with you


My snack is a feast

            Even if it is burned

If it is eaten with you


A hike is a grand adventure

            To an exotic place

If it is trekked with you


My life is a wonder of happiness and joy

            Even when it is sad

Because it is lived with you




About My Heart


About my heart in moments dear

 Your free affections fall

Your youthful arms hold me close

  I feel their passioned sprawl


And with what joy I share this warmth

How fortunate am I

And all the more because Iíve seen

  Itís tender flower die


How precious then you are to me

 And as we say goodbye

I linger, loath to let you go

Cause when I do I cry


I loved you in my younger years

And dear I hold you still

And long after I leave this world

I want you then to feel


About your heart in moments clear

My free affections fall

My ageless arms to hold you close

And too, their passioned sprawl



I share a love with Dustin and Brandon for literature, music, drawing, God, myth and the wild outdoors.