I Have Always Loved You


I have always loved you

Though youth knew not that love so well

Like a mountain stream,

Enlarging in the river of my life,

Expanding on to depths

That alpine rivulets never know,

My love grew.     


I have always loved you

And though it seemed my love would die

In the deserts of my life

It swelled instead on mighty plains

Until, a massive flood,

It hurries now to ocean depths

I cannot foresee


I have always loved you

It breaks my heart I cannot show how much

The fullness of my love

But I believe a day will come

A day when you will know

And there, in ocean mists

I'll be reborn

To love you even more.






 A cold cold heart

     is my legacy

The winds of change have blown

          Forever lost

     are the arms of love

I have known.


Prisoner in a haunted place

          a desert dry

Gentleness and tenderness

     within my reach

yet denied


And though she has

     desires and dreams

I don't know what they are

          the magic kiss

          withdrawn from me

met in another's heart.


A cold cold heart

     is my legacy

'Tis the end of love's sweet song

          her need for me

          has flown you see

When I thought

     our love was strong

I was wrong.


I thought I'd always

     win at love

     it never dawned on me

That like a knife

          a cold cold heart

would be my legacy.     6-27-99



 Oer' a Lifetime


If I searched oer' a lifetime

Where could I find

A vision like you...

A jewel out of time.


Though the waters are many

And the land is diverse

I could look on forever

And I'd always find worse.


For you are my sweetheart

The dream of my youth

The light of my days

A stronghold of truth.


Life is an adventure

Each day a new twist

It's your friendship that make it

As fun as it is.


If I lost you tomorrow

I don't know what I'd do

Cause I could search oer' a lifetime

And I'd never find you.




She's gone


She's gone

     like a whirl

     in a world of change

and there's no one

     to make supper

          argue with

               or put the kid's to bed

She's left

     like a dream

             .a frantic nightmare

        one you wake from

but I can't

And there's no one        

     sharing the loveseat

             my dreams

                     a movie


She's gone

     her decision to love


and there's no one

     to scratch my back

          shop with

                 kiss goodnight

She's left

     to take her beauty

          where it's better seen

     to love another with

          more passionate touch

and there's no one

     to talk with


               or to listen to strange sounds

She's left

     like a dream

              a rush of fear to wake me


She's here.





i'm adrift without your love

        wondering often if it's me your thinking of

not just an image from a weathered memory

        perhaps i'm slave to how i think it aught to be


still i'm adrift without your love

        longing always just to touch the substance of

the very heart of all that makes you who you are

        then again am i just wishing on a star?


yet iím adrift without your love 

        to share a closeness is the thing i'm dreaming of

i pray someday that I will find that phantom place

        where love is real

not just a likeness of your face


so iím adrift without your love




Your Touch


Like sunlight on the water

     and diamonds in the sand

Like laughter drifting

          children dashing 

                   and crumbling castles

Like gently moving leaves

          in the breeze

is your touch.


Like the beach between my toes

     and currents in my hair

Like brilliant kites

          touching the sky

or a thousand dandilion parachutes

          floating on the wind

is you touch.


Like a lingering sunset

     where mountains meet the waves

Like the quiet sound of surf

Like a favorite blanket

     or a prayer of thankfulness

          sent in the twilight

is your touch.


Like moonlight on the ocean

     and a whispering sea

Like a crackling campfire

     or a million sleepy stars

Like an angel here beside me


is your touch.


If She Would Come Again


If she would come again

   Then I would love her

As a man

Through tears I see

   Where I went wrong

And I repent


I remember now how close to me

   She came

     Her flame as strong a death

I feared

   Her strength and fierceness

And I ran away


But now my heart comes trembling

     I seek

Her tender spirit and

   All the treasures of my house

I'd give


My heart is turned within me

   My soul cries out

This love as deep as hell

    Is tearing me apart

And yet


Her seal is on my heart

   How can I give her up

Oh just to love her


If she would come again.



To Sail Again For Me 


Love is a long-past dream

        In my memory

Setting out across

        A diamond sea

Where I would long to go again

        If in its youth

Love sailed again for me


Lost upon the stormy winds

        And torrent yesterday

Smashed upon

        My treacherous way

Love cannot find the way again

        If it had youth

To sail sail back home to stay.


And yet I can't but wish

        In my dreams held dear

To see it once again

        Sailing near

This wandering long-lost vessel love

        That in its youth

Made happy memories here.


Goodbye My Love

Goodbye my love.

Where will I go to find a love like yours? 

Your soul, your thoughts so special

ódear to me. 

I freely gave myself to you. 

My heart is turned within for you are

joy to me

and passion in my eyes


 Yet here you are, dying in my arms. 

Gasping out your last as if you had no friend

óno lover. 

Why donít you want me close?

Futile now my words

"Come back, my love!" 

How will I bear your absence? 


 I have anticipated you

From the moorings of eternity dreaming of your love

óus together. 

Since your birth

I held your bright eyes close

Brought you good things. 

Is this the way it ends? 


Now youíre forever gone

In vain I call to you

"Come back my love!"   

Sobbing like a symphony, a priceless violin

ómy heart

Caressing now your face I see what might have been. 

Eternity so quiet  

Falling on your lifeless form

ómy tears 

And wondering, they will say

 ďHow great his love!Ē 

How can it be that I have lost you?   

Yes, now Iíll hold you one last time and say with quivering heart

Goodbye my love!