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Lord of the Rings
Desire of Ages
Bible Lessons
An Open Letter
Life Letters

These are a collection of letters I have written to Dustin and Brandon over the last few years.


Life Letters  2008

First Things    Life and Death       


Songs of Relationship Letters  2008

The One   Mi Mancherai    Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

    The Breaking of the Fellowship    Don't Get Left Behind


Lord of the Rings Letters  2006

Always Hope        Aragorn, Tender Warrior          Aragorn, Wounded Warrior

Arwen and Aragorn            Boromir's Hope            Boromir's Struggle

Boromir's True Character            Just a Hobbit            Prayer


Narnia Letters  2006

Not By Might        The Inner Journey    The Silver Chair of Temptation


Desire of Ages Letters  2006

A Servant of Servants            Conquest            David            Gethsemane

How do we come to God?           Jonathan           Joseph and God's Plan     

Joseph's Character            Peace Be Still        Temptation       

The Touch of Faith            Thou Canst Make Me Clean


Bible Story Letters  2003

God's Ears        Haystack Rock        Thrown in the Water        Like a Seed

The Words of my Mouth            Stand Firm        Don't Tear Your Clothes

With Your Might            Evidence of Things Not Seen

God Needs You        Choose to Fight        Little Things